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Are you looking for Paid media experts who truly grasp your business and can consistently deliver lasting results? Our team of paid media specialists can support your business’s sustained success!”

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ROI-Driven paid search optimization.

Our partnership with you is rooted in achieving measurable results, and in the realm of paid media marketing, results are gauged by ROI. Our commitment revolves around enhancing ROI through data-driven insights and developing conversion-focused campaigns. This includes:

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How our paid media marketing service can help grow your revenue?

Combining search engine marketing with conversion rate optimization (CRO)

The secret to a successful SEM campaign is more than just making your website appear on search engines.
The secret to achieving optimal SEM results lies in the ability to take a desired action (for example, get as many people as possible to call/contact you) after they click on your ad and land on your website. For example, your current SEM ads are getting a 2% conversion rate on your landing page. That means out of 100 people visiting your page, 2 contact you.
We excel in improving conversion rates through ongoing optimization.

Real certified Google Ads professionals

Get a team of certified Google Ads / SEM specialists with at least 5 years of experience managing various SEM campaigns locally. We strive to achieve your goals by combining strategy and implementation.

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Our PPC Service Offerings To Enhance ROI

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What does our paid search marketing package include?

Elemental Digital offers a full range of paid SEM services to help you achieve your business goals. Our certified Paid Media specialists will work with you to create a tailored, results-driven paid media marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. You can rely on us to develop and implement effective SEM campaigns that drive targeted traffic to your website and maximize your ROI. We understand the importance of crafting compelling ad copy that captures attention and entices users to click. Services are tailored to optimize every facet of your paid advertising, including:

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What makes our paid search management services so effective?

Match search intent at every touchpoint

Picking the right keywords will only get you so far. We understand how to match the search intent of your target keywords with ad copy, CTAs, and landing pages that turn clicks into ROI.

Experienced PPC management

How can you determine what works if you've never achieved results previously? Our paid search managers possess years of experience effectively managing campaigns across diverse industries, and our satisfied clients serve as concrete proof of our success.

Google Premier Partnership

Collaborating with a Google Partner agency provides a distinct advantage. Our certification in various Google advertising methods grants us access to direct support and exclusive resources from Google, all of which directly enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

“Elemental Digital’s PPC service is light years ahead of the competition because of their intelligent, specialized and courteous account managers.”

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Why paid search Ads (PPC) can bring in the numbers


of growth rate in brand awareness for businesses that start doing Search Ads


of the total clicks in paid search advertising are captured by the top three positions.


of clicks on Search Ads are more likely to buy, making for better leads


FAQs about paid search (PPC) management

Are you looking to learn more about paid search management for your business? Browse our FAQs:

Paid search is a digital marketing approach encompassing online ads at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). These paid search ads usually resemble organic search results but are identified by a distinct label marking them as ads.

With paid search management services, you can expect a dedicated team of experts to meticulously review and analyze your campaigns, ensuring they align with your business objectives. By consistently optimizing your ads, they will meticulously adjust them to achieve peak performance, ensuring they reach the precise audience precisely when needed.

Paid Ads empower advertisers to place bids on particular keywords they desire for their ads to be displayed alongside. When a user searches on Google, Bing, and other platforms, they use various factors such as keywords, ad settings, bids, ad quality score, and match types to determine which ads to display.

Paid search can indeed be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy for several reasons:
Conducting Audience Research, Precision in Targeting, Swift Outcomes, Securing Bottom-of-the-Funnel Leads, and Complementing Organic Search Results. Harnessing the benefits of paid search allows businesses to efficiently focus on their target audience, cultivate qualified leads, attain rapid results, and elevate their online visibility and conversion rates.

Are you wondering why your cost per click is increasing even though you have been following the best practices for PPC advertising? In Google Ads, the CPC is determined by an auction algorithm that considers various factors, including the number of factors, to determine the placement of your ads and how much you need to pay. Several key factors, such as the bidding strategy you choose, can drive up your CPC. If you want to focus on brand awareness, try a bid strategy to maximize visibility, like CPM (cost-per-mille or cost per thousand impressions).

1. Competition: When more competitors participate in the auction, higher bids result, increasing your CPC.
2. Extended Text Ads: Ads that rank at the top of the page often have additional headlines, longer descriptions, and other components that result in a higher CPC.
3. Limited Ad Space: Google’s changes to its search engine results page have limited the space on the first page. Those who rank at the top get a larger share, leaving less room for others.
So, if you’re experiencing an increase in your cost per click, it’s likely due to these factors influencing the auction algorithm in Google Ads.


To effectively manage your PPC advertising campaigns, it’s crucial to understand the metrics that can help you evaluate their performance and make informed decisions to improve your results. Here are some key metrics that you should keep in mind:

1. Click-Through Rate (CTR): CTR is a metric that measures the percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing it, indicating resonance with your audience.
2. Conversion Rate: The conversion rate is the percentage of users who complete a desired action after clicking on your ad. This metric indicates how successful your ad is at producing actual results. It shows the effectiveness of your ad in driving the desired outcome.
3. Cost per Conversion: This metric measures the average cost for each conversion. It helps you determine the profitability of your campaigns and optimize your budget allocation.
4. Quality Score: Google’s Quality Score is a rating system that assesses the quality and relevance of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. The Quality Score plays a crucial role in determining the placement of your ads and how much you pay for advertising.

 5.Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Return on Ad Spend measures the revenue generated from your advertisements compared to the cost of running those ads.

6.Ad rank: Ad rank is a crucial metric in PPC advertising. It determines the position of your ad on the search engine results page (SERP).To ensure that your ads perform well in auctions, Google uses a metric called “Ad Rank.” Ad Rank considers various factors, such as bid amount, ad quality, expected click-through rate, landing page experience, and the goal of achieving better results in the ad auction. Optimizing your Ad Rank is crucial as it helps enhance your ads’ visibility and effectiveness.

effectiveness of your ads.