Baby Clothing & Toys E-Commerce

Revenue Growth For Baby Apparel & Toys Store

Looking to enhance their online sales and boost their revenue through Paid media and SEO performance, the client enlisted the help of Elemental Digital. Our team worked closely with this E-Commerce brand to develop and implement a comprehensive online strategy, resulting in significant revenue growth.

Flat-lay baby clothes and accessories

The client is an American baby clothing and toys e-commerce store. They have several product categories catering to all baby clothing needs and toys for infants. Their inventory includes maternal supplies, newborn clothing, infant and toddler clothing, and infant and toddler toys. 

Girl toddler playing with a toy

The challenge

The business owner is quite passionate about the business and brand. They wanted to increase their reach and scale their business.

However, the industry is very competitive with several brands competing for space and customer attention. This requires a combination of strategic planning, creative Ad development and ongoing optimization. The existing campaigns weren’t working and yielding low results (under 1x ROAS).

Services Used:

The Solution:

Elemental Digital conducted strategy sessions with the client and developed solutions to address the challenges and achieve business objectives.

  • Plan For Seasonal Trends: Created Google Ads and Social Media Ad campaigns considering current trends and seasonal fluctuations to promote relevant products as per schedules. Created promotional campaigns to capitalize on the holiday season sales.
  • Optimized for Cost Efficiency: Used Google Ads bidding strategies like Target CPA, and Target ROAS to optimize campaigns for cost efficiency, ensuring higher ROIs.
  •  Refine and Scale: Continuously tested and refined what’s working and what’s not working. Scaled the campaigns that worked to improve the ROI.

Business impact

Since partnering with Elemental Digital, the client witnessed a significant surge in sales volume to their website, resulting in higher conversion rates. By relying on our expertise and insights, the client has been able to optimize their marketing spend and generate exceptional results. The outcomes of our partnership include:


ROI Growth in 5 Months


Avg. Increase in Sales/Month


Increase in new user traffic from the revamped website in 5 months.

E-commerce marketing solutions

As part of our partnership, Elemental Digital created a robust digital marketing strategy that focused on improving sales, and ROI growth while reducing the cost per lead.

We put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

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